Spitfire Draw 2021

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First Prize in the Southwick Revival Draw 2021


Strap into the aircraft, experience the Rolls-Royce Merlin start, and then taxi out for pre-flight checks and take-off. This experience will see you flying one of the Academy’s Spitfire TR9’s straight out to sea and over the English Channel and on to the famous white cliffs at the Needles. En route you’ll enjoy the sight of the Spitfire’s famous elliptical wings either side of you, and if you elected to try some aerobatics you’ll marvel at the power, manoeuvrability and grace of this aircraft that is over 70 years old. You will also have the opportunity to touch the controls and fly the aircraft yourself.  SM520 will be your aircraft for this flight.

Have a look at this brilliant video of Alex James taking exactly the flight you could win from Boultbee Flight Academy at Goodwood:

Don’t miss out! For just £20 per ticket you have the chance of getting airborne or experiencing the nearest thing to flying an actual Spitfire yourself. And you are supporting SSAFA with your ticket purchase. You must be over sixteen years of age to purchase a ticket and to take the flight and you must be not be more than 6′ 4″ (195cm) or over 17 stone (110kg)

Follow the link for answers to all your questions about flying in an icon Spitfire:


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Second Prize in the Southwick Revival Draw 2021


Boultbee Flight Academy is proud to announce the launch of the world’s only Spitfire Simulator that can be used for training new Spitfire pilots as well as giving fantastic wartime combat experiences to non-pilots. The simulator has three key components that make it so unique and special. It’s not the closest thing to flying a real Spitfire. It is flying a real Spitfire!


Spitfires are notoriously tricky to handle on the ground, but an absolute dream in the air. For this reason, we generally start our sorties in the air. If time and ability permits, we will offer you the opportunity to take-off. These sim sessions are designed to give you an amazing insight into the skill and workload involved in piloting such an incredible war bird. With so much power in the 27 litre Rolls-Royce Merlin engine and the speed she is capable of, just keeping her flying straight and level is a challenge in itself! During your session you’ll be learning the basics of flying and might even take your first foray into aerobatics. Will you be returning to base to perform a Victory Roll?

Click here to purchase your ticket or tickets which could see you making a dream come true for yourself or a family member or friend:

Scramble for tickets here!

You must be over sixteen years of age to purchase a ticket and to take the simulator flight you must be not be more than 6′ 4″ (195cm) or over 17 stone (110kg)

Remember, ticket numbers are limited to 1,000 so the odds are really good of winning one or other of the prizes. Increase your chances by buying multiple tickets while they are still available. And all proceeds are going to SSAFA, the oldest military charity which Southwick Revival is pleased to support every year with funds raised from the weekend event.

The draw will be conducted under strictly controlled conditions on 10 July 2021, the date on which the Battle of Britain began and was fought by Spitfires and Hurricanes  above the skies of Britain, between the RAF and the German Luftwaffe.

Lucky winning ticket-holders will be informed by email as soon as possible after the draw


Bonus Prize in the Southwick Revival Draw 2021



Motor Gun Boat (MGB) 81 was commissioned and accepted on the 11th July 1942; she first worked up at HMS Bee, the Coastal Forces base at Weymouth, and in August 1942 joined the 8th MGB Flotilla at Dartmouth.  Over the next year MGB 81 was involved in six actions.

She was back in service for the Normandy landings and was involved from the 6th to the 30th June.  A few days after D-Day, the flotilla transferred from Dartmouth to HMS Hornet at Gosport.  Overnight on the 23/24 June 1944, MTB 416 was involved in an attack on a German convoy leaving Cherbourg.  Although MTB 416 was only backing up the operation, one of her crew was killed.

Now, thanks to the generosity of Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust, Southwick Revival is delighted to offer a unique trip into The Solent for six people aboard MGB 81, also known as The Spitfire of the Sea.

Leaving from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard you will experience something of the anticipation of the crew on 6th June 1944 as she became part of Operation Neptune on D-Day. Heading into open water the three engines, delivering a combined horsepower of 4050bhp, will power you across the Solent at speeds of up to 43 knots. At the end of the hour long trip you will be returned to dry land in the Dockyard.

You have the chance to win this fabulous experience, at the same time supporting SAAFA, simply by entering the Southwick Revival Spitfire Draw with a £20 ticket. Please note, children under 10 years of age are not permitted to take the trip on MGB 81. Your ticket will also give you the chance to win the Spitfire flight or the Spitfire Simulator experience.

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Only available on Saturday 8 June & Sunday 9 June 2019

  • Free car parking in event car park
  • Period Shuttle Bus to Southwick House
  • Entry to Southwick House and the famous D-Day Wall Map
  • Special 45 minute talk in the Map Room by museum staff
  • Entry to Royal Military Police Museum within Southwick Park
  • Return Shuttle Bus
  • Entry to the special exhibition of wartime village life

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